[jadmin] Help with "Configuration parsing..." Error

Matthias Wimmer jabber at matthias-wimmer.de
Mon Feb 11 16:00:03 CST 2002


Jeff_Forsythe at ohnb.uscourts.gov schrieb am 2002-02-11 13:45:05:
>    Thanks for your quick reply.  I ran the XML through the URL you gave me
> and it worked just fine!  So I tried giving jabberd the -c flag and the
> path to my jabber.xml file but got the same error.  So I copied jabber.xml
> to the jabberd directory and tried running it from there but still got the
> error.  Any other ideas?

Do all directories that are referenced in jabber.xml exist? E.g. with my
installation I have the log files in a different direcotry. If I don't
create the directory first I get the same error message.

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