[jadmin] Jabber FreeBSD, SSL, etc.

Chris Pile cpile at snoogans.co.uk
Tue Feb 12 06:13:55 CST 2002

I've not actually tried the jabber code from the FreeBSD ports
collection, I prefer to download the code from the site or CVS.  I've
installed all my jabber related stuff in "/usr/local/jabber" and chown'd
it by my jabber user.  I run jabber using: "su jabber -c
'/usr/local/jabber/jabberd/jabberd -B'" via a stop/start script under

I'm running msn-transport-1.2 and jabber-1.4.2 (both from the CVS). 
jabber-1.4.2 works fine with SSL+FreeBSD as far as I can tell (I've been
running it for a month or two).  You do need to compile with gmake

It may be worth starting up a server with no transports, then adding one
at a time.

Have you definitely got the client SSL libraries (winjab/jim)?  Also the
following command maybe useful when debugging SSL connections:

openssl s_client -connect localhost:5223 -debug -state

See if there is anything obvious in the output.  It should at least
indicate if your SSL cert is accepted.


Ian Cartwright wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I have recently had the pleasure of compiling and installing Jabber on my
> FreeBSD box. During this time, I have researched and accomplished the
> following tasks:
> Download, compile and install jabberd-1.4.2, aim-transport-0.9.25,
> yahoo-transport-0.8-1.4-linux, msn-transport-1.1, and icq-transport-0.9 (via
> the Ports system of FreeBSD modifying the master Makefile to compile
> jabberd-1.4.2 instead of 1.4.1 and manually running "autgen.sh
> i386-unknown-freebsd4.5" for aim-transport and then adding "-I
> /usr/local/include/pth" to the Makefiles for aim-transport and
> aim-transport/src).
> I then went through jabber.xml file and set up services according to the
> Jabber Server Howto, with the exception of using aim-transport instead of
> icq-transport for ICQ services (as detailed elsewhere in this forum).
> I generated my SSL key using two different sets of instructions (one fond in
> this forum, another on snoogans.co.uk). Snoogan's instructions seemed more
> complete, leaving me witha combined key/certificate file, with no
> passphrase.
> I have checked all the permissions to libraries, binaries, and data dirs,
> and all seem correct, but I am having two issues:
> If I try to run jabberd as user=jabber, I get a "Bus Error" message, when
> using my config file. If I use the generic config file (everything set to
> localhost, and no services defined) it runs ok. It also runs ok with my
> config file if I run as root.
> The other issue is with SSL. I get this in my debug output:
> Mon Feb 11 14:41:27 2002  mio.c:620 mio while loop, working
> Mon Feb 11 14:41:27 2002  mio.c:380 _mio_accept calling accept on fd #8
> Mon Feb 11 14:41:27 2002  mio_ssl.c:234 NULL ctx found in SSL hash
> Mon Feb 11 14:41:27 2002  mio.c:607 mio while loop top
> Mon Feb 11 14:41:32 2002  mio.c:620 mio while loop, working
> Mon Feb 11 14:41:32 2002  mio.c:380 _mio_accept calling accept on fd #8
> Mon Feb 11 14:41:32 2002  mio_ssl.c:234 NULL ctx found in SSL hash
> Mon Feb 11 14:41:32 2002  mio.c:607 mio while loop top
> My previous research lead me to believe that this is either a problem with
> jabbrd-1.4.1 and FreeBSD or with the SSL Key. I have (to the best of my
> knowlege) avoided these issues by compiling jabberd-1.4.2 and using the
> instructions for building a key.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> Cheers,
> Ian
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