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shewman shewman at aziza.net
Tue Feb 12 08:52:56 CST 2002

Hi Raditha,

I'm not looking for windows version of Jabber server. We will be using Linux
version on Red Hat. As for the client, we will be using a Java based client.

Probably not explaining myself very well since Jabber and XML are very new
to me. But, is there any other software we require for the client even
though it's java based. I guess the best way is try and explain the
screnario as to how we think it's going to work:

We want on integrate Jabber with our web site. Instead of having a separate
client app, we want to embed it in our site so it's easier for users since
the focus will always be on the site. Basically, 2 frames; one will contain
web page stuff and the other will contain jabber java client. The other
trick is that we want to integrate the dynamic web pages with Jabber, i.e. A
member will view a supplier who is online, he/she clicks on IM button and
the member is brought to the Jabber client to send a message. Conversely,
the original member can still surf the site. Now if someone receives a
message from someone, they can click on person's name via Jabber and the web
site will bring up the suppliers profile.

The last section is what I'm not sure about since we are running Cold Fusion
on Windows 2000. Does the Cold Fusion also have to have Java loaded on it
and does it require XML???

Sorry for the run on but hopefully, I explained it better.

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the currently available stable jabber server is for windows. However you
will see two links for windows jabber servers on the jabber.org site. As
for the java client you will find many of them on the clients page on

Shew Leong (Aziza) wrote:

> Hi,
> We would like to use jabber on our site. What we want to do is develop a
> java client that will be embedded in a html page/ Cold Fusion page. We
> 2 web servers that are using a load balancer. Can someone tell me if there
> is anything else required besides the jabber server and client? i.e. will
> need to have an XML service running on the NT servers?
> Thanks
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