[jadmin] Newbie Inquiry

Tim Böckers tim at integranet.cl
Tue Feb 12 09:36:31 CST 2002


while i couldn' t tell you a thing that would actually answer your questions 
maybe this [1] would be of any help? from what i understood from their site 
is that you would need java loaded on but neither quote me on anything i said 
nor let me confuse you...



> We want on integrate Jabber with our web site. Instead of having a separate
> client app, we want to embed it in our site so it's easier for users since
> the focus will always be on the site. Basically, 2 frames; one will contain
> web page stuff and the other will contain jabber java client. The other
> trick is that we want to integrate the dynamic web pages with Jabber, i.e.
> A member will view a supplier who is online, he/she clicks on IM button and
> the member is brought to the Jabber client to send a message. Conversely,
> the original member can still surf the site. Now if someone receives a
> message from someone, they can click on person's name via Jabber and the
> web site will bring up the suppliers profile.
> The last section is what I'm not sure about since we are running Cold
> Fusion on Windows 2000. Does the Cold Fusion also have to have Java loaded
> on it and does it require XML???

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