[jadmin] PTH 1.4.1 Breaks Things - MSN Transport - JUD

Sean P. Kane spkane at san.rr.com
Tue Feb 12 15:06:24 CST 2002

I was having some problems with the MSN Trasport 1.1 and Jabber Server 1.4.1 and finally resolved them based on a completely different thread of conversations on this list. It turns out that PTH 1.4.1 breaks the MSN Transport and possibly JUD as well. A lot of odd behaviour I was having was fixed by reverting back to PTH 1.4.0. I had initially installed PTH 1.4.1 since the instructions just said to load GNU PTH and 1.4.1 was the current version, but it seems that Jabber needs 1.4.0 instead.

Hope this helps folks!


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