[jadmin] problem with ICQ transport

Charles Plessy charles at moulinette.dyndns.org
Wed Feb 13 14:16:40 CST 2002


I've installed jabber1.4.2 from source on a debian woody. It works
quite well, albeit my contacts can't see whether I'm online!!

I've added the conferencing and the icq transport, following the
server-howto guidelines... It doesn't work : connexion
impossible. Here is an extract of the logs :

20020212T20:31:00: [alert] (icq.moulinette.dyndns.org.org): hostname maps back to ourselves!
20020212T20:31:00: [notice] (icq.moulinette.dyndns.org.org): failed to establish connection
20020212T20:31:00: [notice] (icq.moulinette.dyndns.org.org): bouncing a packet to icq.moulinette.dyndns.org.org from charles at moulinette.dyndns.org/Gabber: Server Connect Failed

My wildcard is enabled at dyndns, and to be on the safe side, I've
also added icq.mouli.... in /etc/hosts of both the server and client.

Can somebody help me?? It is possible that the error comes from my
machine, as I saw some weird things happening on it sometimes... But
how could I discriminate?


PS : I attach my gzipped jabber.xml

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