[jadmin] sorry, re-post: rpm version

Fernando Maior fmaior at bigfoot.com
Tue Feb 19 05:08:56 CST 2002

Steve Arnold wrote:

> Howdy:
> I'm just trying out the server for the first time, so excuse my 
> ignorance (I did read the FAQ, though).
> I mostly run RedHat, so I prefer rpms (source rpms if I can get them) 
> and I installed the 1.4 rpm from the contrib directory. However, the 
> binary is a bit dated, so I take it that's not the latest 1.4.2 stuff?  
> Is anyone making rpms of the latest official release?
> I can try compiling the tarball and manually updating the rpm install 
> tree (/opt/jabber) but I noticed the docs mentioned not running the 
> server as root (of course) but the rpm stuff is all owned by root.  In 
> fact, the /opt/jabber directories kinda look like a chrooted jail, but 
> it would need it's own user id for that. Wouldn't it?
> Could somebody enlighten me please?
> Thanks in advance, Steve

Arnold, I believe 1.4.2 has a feature for changing EUID/GUID after 
starting the process, something similar to other services like Apache. 
You may look for the link "Jabber Server 1.4.2 Release" at 
www.jabber.org, then go to the "list of updates" link. At the bottom of 
that page, you can see instructions about running jabber with another 
EUID. Also, I did not test it, yet. And I believe only root can do that. 
G'look! And tell me if you succeeded, if you please, and how :)

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