[jadmin] Moving form .1 to .2 and also a new system

Kevin Hollenshead Kevin.C.Hollenshead at mail.sprint.com
Tue Feb 19 16:05:40 CST 2002

When I went to upgrade, I just shutdown the old server, deleted everything except the spool directory and some scripts I use, copied over the 1.4.2 code and started up the server again.  Most of my users are using the JabberIM client and I had the switch
completed before the auto-reconnect feature had timed out and stopped trying to reconnect.  People who were logged on and away from their desk never even noticed that the server went down.

texasaggie at jabber.com/jabber.org

pnelson at neatech.com wrote:

> Has no-one tried this?  Would I be the first?  Here is what I'm thinking
> 1.  On the new system install 1.4.2
> 2.  Copy over the spool directory
> 3.  Modify the DNS A entry to point to the new server
> 4.  Send a message of "Shutting Down" to all users
> 5.  Shut down jabber 1.4.1 on the old server.
> 6.  Start Jabber 1.4.2 on the new server.
> 7.  Everyone logs in again not noticing what happened
> 8.  There is peace and tranquility in the universe
> Is that good plan?  Am I forgetting something?  Will it work?
> Patrick Nelson wrote:
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> Well with the success that jabber has had with our company I'm moving it to
> it's own server.  Great lovely yeah!  So I thought I would also upgrade to
> the latest version .2 to.  My question is besides the dns A entry change,
> what is the process to save all my current configuration and move it to a
> new server with a higher version.
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