[jadmin] Newbie Question: Short Server Names?

Abe Schachter ans at cert.mil
Thu Feb 21 09:36:55 CST 2002

Hello all,

	I have successfully set up a Jabber server in the test lab here and
am looking for ways to simplify its use prior to delivering it to our client
for them to try out.  The server is in a highly firewalled environment and
will never connect to any other messaging servers (neither internal nor

	Here is my question: Since all users wil be on this server, and this
server only, is there a way to have user names that do not include the
@host.dom.ain?  Alternately, if the host name is a required element is there
a way to configure Jabber such that user names are only user at host and the
FQHN is not required?

Abe Schachter
EDS I-Assure

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