[jadmin] Most likely a rookie mistake

Bradley D. Jensen bjensen at exitnet.net
Thu Feb 21 13:31:48 CST 2002

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	I'm sure this is probably a rookie mistake.  I have compiled and configured
Jabber server 1.4.2 on RH 7.2 with SSL enabled.  Went through all of the
documentations and made all of the appropriate configuration changes.  The
problem is when I try to launch the server I get an error loading shared
libraries libpth.so.14 saying file not found.  The file does exist and the
user/group perms are correct.  It exists in the
jabber-1.4.2/jabberd/pth-4.x/.libs directory as well as in /usr/local/lib
directory.  There were no errors during the configure or make.  Any help
would be greatly appreciated.


Brad Jensen

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