[jadmin] Installing SSL, But DNS seems Funky

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Fri Feb 22 00:32:10 CST 2002

Hi, all.

I'm trying to get SSL on theoretic.com's jabber server finally.

I've './configure --enable-ssl'-ed.

I've 'make'-ed it.

I've created my 'key.pem' using Temas's script.

I've make the following additions to my jabber.xml file:

In the pthcsock section:
      Use these to listen on particular addresses and/or ports.
      <ip port="5222"/>

      The <ssl/> tag acts pretty much like the <ip/> tag,
      except it defines that SSL is to be used on the
      ports and IP addresses specified. You must specify
      an IP address here, or the connections will fail.
      <ssl port='5223'></ssl>
      <ssl port='5224'></ssl>

(the above uses my full IP address, but I have tried it with
as well)

In the io section:
      <key ip=''>/home/theoretic/jabber/key.pem</key>

Now when I start the jabber server, fine. But when I connect using a
client (through SSL or normally) it just shows all my contacts as
offline, and the error.log shows that the server was not able to connect
to jabber.org and all others to get presence for my contacts. So
something is going wrong with DNS when i try to --enable-ssl. Or likely
it's my configuration that's messing things up.

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