[jadmin] Spools, DNS problem

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Fri Feb 22 00:42:15 CST 2002

Sorry for the lack of clarity in the subject, but I'm at a complete loss

I have just upgraded from 1.4.2-test2 to the final 1.4.2. I unpacked the
tarball, copied over all the spool directories (theoretic.com,
msn.theoretic.com, etc), all config files, etc... Then I built the
system. No problems there.

But now whenever I log into my account, No presence for my contacts
comes up. In the error.log, it shows a bunch of errors showing packets
could not get out to the other Jabber servers (jabber.org, etc).

I thought my configuration may be bad from messing with it trying to get
SSL installed, so i scrapped my old jabber.xml and started fresh. Same
problem. Here's my current jabber.xml. Hope something can be done.

I had thought it was related to my trying to install SSL this time, but
now I don't think so. Everything to do with SSL has worked, it's just
when I log in to get presence of my contacts.

Thanks, all. If I can get this done, then Theoretic will finally have
SSL.  :-)

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