[jadmin] include processing

Benjamin Reed ben at opennms.org
Fri Feb 22 11:48:34 CST 2002

Thomas Muldowney [temas at box5.net] wrote:
> No that shouldn't work.  If it does I dunno what the parser is
> doing =) Sorry.

It's alright, I understand how XML works, so unless your parser is
seriously non-standard, it shouldn't have worked.  I was just trying
to find a shortcut.  =)

I ended up putting my configs with sed'able options in /etc/jabber.d/
and then write the parsed ones to /var/run/jabber/ so that you only
need to configure a few things for it to start up.  =)

As a side note, I've fixed a small path bug in the RPMs I previously
announced that would keep SSL from working in the default configs.
You can get the updated RPMs at:


Ben Reed (ben at opennms.org)
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