[jadmin] Conferencing Confusion

Vernon Vernon at b2unow.com
Sat Feb 23 16:39:03 CST 2002

OK, I have finally figured out how this conferencing stuff works (I 
think), but it doesn't seem to be working correctly.

I'm using MyJabber and am connecting I can join and create chat rooms, 
but what confuses me is the Agent list that displays the conference rooms 
I've created (Private and Public, but currently only the private one is 

If I double click the working conference room it displays a message 
stating Query Error - "Not Implemented" but if I go under the ChatRooms 
Menu and "Join ChatRoom" I actually do get into a chat room. Is this how 
it's supposed to work? If so, no one is ever going to figure out how this 
is supposed to work. Let's face it, it took me two days and I'm a 
developer! Can someone please explain?

Thanks in advance.

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