[jadmin] Jabber 1.4.2

Szymanek, Greg GSzymanek at columbiaforestproducts.com
Tue Feb 26 13:21:47 CST 2002

	I am a newbee to jabber, so don't laugh to hard when you read this.
I attached my jabber.xml file 

	Server: Red Hat 7.1 (2.4.3 kernel), jabber 1.4.2 
	Client: WIN_NT (JIM  (jabberCOM
	Firewall: yes, tcp port 5222 blocked

	Error Description: I have installed a jabber server 1.4.2, which
installed correctly. I have installed JIM client on a WIN_NT box and it
installed correctly. I'm sure the problem is within the jabber.xml file. I
have installed JUD and configured the jabber.xml file accordingly. The
problem is the connection fails, both on the server and the client. 
This server is part of a local small workgroup (within the same subnet). We
can connect to the jabber server with our user credentials, however we
cannot do anything more than that.   


	1. why is the server wanting to connect to update.jabber.com? I have
commented out the line that reads:

	2. Is there any reason that the jabber program needs access to
update.jabber.com or any other jabber resource?

	Server error message: Attempting to connect to update.jabber.com.
bouncing a packet to 959967024 at update.jabber.com. Server connect failed
(error code 502)

	Client error message: The server could not located the service you
requested. It is possible that the service is not currently running (Error
Code 502)
	error.log file: 20020226T15:39:06: [notice] (users.jabber.org)
failed to established connection

	command statup : ./jabberd/jabberd -D -h

	Thanks for any help or direction................

	Advanced System Development
	Columbia Forest Products / TAIS
	704.292.2873 Office
	704.621.7882 Truck
 	North Carolina Forestry Association
 	Virginia Forestry Association
      West Virginia Forestry Association

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