[jadmin] ICQ Transport

Matthew Alexander matt at eqate.org
Tue Feb 26 22:56:25 CST 2002

	Greetings all.  I've successfully started running a jabberd of my own with
no problems until I get to setting up the ICQ transport.  I've seen tons of
documentation about finding .9.1 as .9 no longer works, problem is all the
links contained in documents and such for the .tgz need.  Of course I end up
at the CVS page everytime which has no mention of the new/workng ICQ
transport.  I decided I would try the AIM transport in hopes in having the
ICQ side of things work but the CVS is missing files.  Namely src/config.h.
Does anyone have the correct/working ICQ Transport or AIM transport they
could mail me?

	Thanks in advance all.  Very cool IM-D. :)


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