[jadmin] Conference problem

Grant Roadknight roadkght at nortelnetworks.com
Thu Feb 28 16:23:28 CST 2002

 I have the exact same system and heres how I got mine to work ok using JUD

In the browse section

        <service type="jud" jid="jud.your.server" name="yourserver Jabber
User Directory">

In the service section

  <service id="your.server">  <host>jud.your.server</host>
      <jud xmlns="jabber:config:jud">
      <DESC>This service provides a simple user directory service.</DESC>
        <instructions>Fill in the fields to register</instructions>
        <instructions>Enter values to search</instructions>

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Hello all,

I have jabberd 1.4.2 running on RH 7.2, and using Jabber IM as client
(windows client). I've being trying to make my JUD directory show the users
on the servers, but when I click on the button 'FIND' -->Search Now, the
server response right away:
 'The Jabber server reported a problem: Not Found'

It looks like a problem in the jabber.xml, could someone please help me with
this one.

Thanks and regards,


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