[jadmin] WPjabber vs. jabberd 2.0 alpha

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Sun Jun 22 17:04:37 CDT 2003

> The advantage to using WJPabber, from what I understand, was that it's 
> a) threaded using Linux pthreads and b) has a faster response time via 
> epoll.
> So my question is, does the new jabberd 2.0 alpha address either of 
> these issues?  If not, what would be the _performance_ advantage of 
> using jabberd 2.0 alpha over WPJabber?  Is there one?

OK. There seems to be some misunderstanding as to the differences
between the various server projects (understandable, since there's been
many changes recently).

The "traditional" server codebase is the jabberd project, of which the
latest released version is 1.4.2. This is the code that most Jabber
server administrators would be familiar with.

WPJabber was forked from this codebase, and has been modified
significantly to use POSIX threads instead of GNU Pth. It also has a
different c2s component, written to use /dev/epoll instead of the
traditional select()/poll() methods. I don't know a great deal more
about the differences and future direction of this project - perhaps
someone working on this server could comment further?

jabberd 2.0 is a rewrite (from the ground up) of the jabberd server,
using the lessons learned from the 1.4 codebase. It is not as mature or
as well tested as the 1.4 code, but architecturally is more "correct".

In its current state, it will probably not scale to the extent that
WPJabber does, though in my own testing it seems to outperform the 1.4

The goals of the 2.0 server (and its successors) are to provide a 100%
compliant implementation of the protocol (XMPP + JSF), provide a solid
and "correct" architecture, and then to be massively scalable. We try to
design the various systems with these goals in mind, but initially,
correctness will win over performance.

I hope this addresses some of your questions. Please do follow up if you
have anything further.


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