[jadmin] [jabberd] ANNOUNCE: jabberd 2.0 beta 1 available for download

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Wed Sep 10 19:57:08 CDT 2003

> 1. I've had some problems with the mod_announce, but probably its that
> I dont inderstand how it _should_ work. What should happen when I send
> a message to <localhost/announce>.

When you send to localhost/announce, a message will be sent to every
user on the system. If they're online, it will be delivered to them
directly, if they're offline, it will be stored for later.

Note that in order to do this, the sending JID (ie yours) must be listed
in the "broadcast" ACL in sm.xml

> 2. Some documentation would be good:

Of course it would. There is an effort to provide administrator
documentation at http://www.jabberdoc.org/. Briefly though:

>  - an overview of the internal jabberd2 arhitecture (s2s, c2s, sm..
>  and how they relate to each other)

router is a simple XML router. It brings components offline, passes
packets between them, and offers a few other services to components
(discovery, broadcasts, throttling, etc).

c2s handles jabber:client connections, authentication and registration,
and communicates with sm to start/stop sessions, create/destroy users,
and send/receive session packets.

sm is the session manager. It does session management, presence
tracking, roster management, etc - all the IM services.

s2s handles jabber:server connections and dialback, for connection to
other servers.

resolver is a helper component for s2s. It performs DNS lookups on

The protocols that are used internally are documented at:


Specifically, the files "component-protocol", "resolver-protocol" and
"sm-c2s-protocol". I'll be documenting these more fully soon.

>  - an explanation of the chains in sm

A chain is a list of modules that are called when a particular event
occurs, such as a packet arriving or a session starting. There is a
brief summary of the purpose of each chain in sm.xml.

>  - explanation of the hostname vs realm in c2s (is realm the server
>  part of the JID, and hostname used for SASL auth or something?!?)

Hostname is the domain portion of the JID. Realms are used for
authentication. Basically, when authentication is requested, the
corresponding realm for the users domain in retreived (from the config
file), and the authentication is done using the username/realm pair as
the authentication ID.

This way, I can allow a single set of users to appear under more than
one domain. This kind of thing is needed sometimes in large

> 3. How do I connect jabberd14 components, like muc, icq-t etc..?  (how
> do the new components connect to the router?)

There is a new component protocol (mentioned above), but the old
component:accept protocol is still supported. To get 1.4 component
working, you need to put the jabberd 1.4 instance into "uplink" mode,
and you need to define a name alias in the 2.0 router.xml.

Also, jabberd2 does not provide XDB facilities, so if your component
needs that (most transports and mu-c), you'll need to define a <xdb/>
section in your 1.4 jabber.xml.

> 4. is there a list of JEPs that jabberd2 implements?

2.0 supports all of XMPP-IM and most of XMPP-Core (there's a few bits
missing, mostly related to jabber:server streams). From the official
protocol (http://www.jabber.org/protocol/), it supports:

  Service Discovery
  In-Band Registration
  Non-SASL Authentication
  Jabber Date and Time Profiles, Jabber
  Jabber Browsing
  Last Activity
  Message Events
  Message Expiration
  Private XML Storage

Additionally, it supports the following experimental JEPs

  Legacy Errors (86)
  Entity Time (90)
  Delayed Delivery (91)
  Agent Information (94)
  Vacation Messages (109)
  Existing Component Protocol (114)

There's also some other stuff in there that was only ever supported by
1.4, like /announce, /echo, etc.

Thats off the top of my head, anyway :)


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