[jadmin] SSL connection to Jabberd

Chhabria, Kavita - Apogent kchhabria at apogent.com
Wed Feb 4 11:40:01 CST 2004

Hello all:
I had received a suggestion from my earlier posting on the subject of Jabber
and SSL,  to try executing a command: 'openssl s_client connect
your-servers-ip-address:5223' on the machine that has the jabberd server
running.  When I do execute the above command I receive a response saying
'Connected'.  However, when I try connecting from Exodus or RhymBox using an
ssl connection to the same jabberd server, the exodus client simply goes
into a hang with the status 'Connecting' being displayed on the screen,
until i finally cancel it.  Form RhymBox, I get disconnected if my changed
my connection settings to be an encrypted connection (SSL).  
Why does this command work on the machine having the jabberd server running
and still an ssl connection from exodus or rhymbox to the same machine fail,
can someone please explain me that?
Also, when I am connecting from exodus or rhymbox, i use ldap authentication
which has been working successfully if i use 5222 as my connecting port to
the jabberd server, however if i simply change the port to 5223 in my exodus
settings, it goes into a hang trying to connect to my jabberd server.  Can
someone please explain this behavior?
Thanking you,
Kavita Chhabria
Systems Developer
Apogent Technologies
(269) 544-7515
 <mailto:kchhabria at apogent.com> kchhabria at apogent.com
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