[jadmin] jabber 2 installation on Suse 9.2

Julian Opificius julianop at barnlea.com
Mon Aug 1 14:26:19 CDT 2005

Karim Malhas wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
>>I have:
>>Suse 9.2 on x86
> You need to install the development packages (don't know how suse calls
> these, probably something like libidn-dev) of libidn and mysql (the
> headers etc.) if you want to compile yourself.
> Karim

Yes, you were right: I needed libidn-devel and openssl-devel. I am 
obviously a little rusty.

I have it build and installed, but get

"engsrv:~ # ERROR: sm died.  Shutting down server."

The log shows this to be a a problem running sql, so I'll go investigate 

Thanks for your help.


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