[jadmin] Re: Presence via HTTP-Polling

Alexandre LISSY alexandrelissy at free.fr
Tue Aug 2 14:18:32 CDT 2005

Stephen Marquard wrote:
> Alexandre LISSY wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Due to major server failure, I migrate from jabberd2 to ejabberd, and 
>> I would ask you, if someone know if it's possible to get presence 
>> information, using HTTP-Polling.
> Hi Alexandre,
> What major server failure did you experience with jabberd2, and did you 
> file a bug report?
I'm still not sure it's Jabberd2 fault, but on the Intel P4E 2.8Ghz, 
with 1.5GB of RAM, all was running pretty, including jabberd2.
On 30th, june, we received a new server, Intel bi-Xeon Nocona 2.8Ghz, 
with 2GB of ECC memory, etc. We started experience problem some hours 
after the server came. It was like it crashed (server didn't respond on 
port 22, huge ping latency around 700ms between this machine and another 
in the same rack). We seeked all around for 3 weeks, sometime website 
was down for more than 5 hour a day. After plugging a serial null modem 
between two of our server (the faulty one and another), to check for any 
kernel panic that would havn't been logged, I noticed the problem wasn't 
crash, but simply heavy load. In fact, I've been able to mesure load 
much more than 600 points (our record, from paris to bastislava is still 
at 800, but machine didn't crashed and revert back a few minutes afters 

So, I started to stop mu-conference service (as i've notice that it took 
95% of cpu some days before), and stability get improved (from some 
hour, we reached near 48 hours). Thus, I took the decision to close all 
jabberd2 services on this box, and since, you can see the uptime :

infos-du-net:/usr/local/apache2/conf# uptime
  21:17:28 up 6 days,  4:56,  3 users,  load average: 0.92, 1.39, 2.10

You'll easily understand that i didn't want to try again with jabberd2 
on this box, and I didn't report since I'm still not sure it's 
completely fixed (I gimme up to 15 of August to be sure).

> Cheers
> Stephen
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