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KWermann at misti.com KWermann at misti.com
Wed Aug 3 07:27:54 CDT 2005

Hi Steve,

My company has used various Jabber clients in the past with both JabberD 
1.4.2 and now with Jive Messenger Server. Some tested include: Gush, JAJC, 
GAIM, Exodus, Pandion, PSI, Tipic, and Tkabber for Windows. On the MAC we 
have played with Adium, Fire, JabberFox, and a few others. Here is what we 
have found:

WINDOWS - For administratrors, one of the best apps is JAJC. However, the 
interface is not that great for normal users. It is similar to PSI, but 
with more apparent functionality. GAIM on Windows is buggy, and depending 
on the server's SSL implementation, may not connect over port 5223 
correctly. We have standardized on Pandion 2.1.2 which is probably the 
easiest to use Jabber client we have found, but also supports SSL, and 
groupchat. Plus Groupchat is EASY to use with Pandion. The actual design 
asthetic is pretty nice too, users seem to really like this.

MAC - We have standardized on Adium for the Mac, which supports all needed 
functions, but we may look into the new iChat which supports Jabber on OS 
X Tiger.

LINUX - We haven't done alot of testing on this, but we seem to have 
really good luck with the Linux build of GAIM. There appear to be no SSL 
connect problems, and the program crashes very little to if ever. However, 
GAIM does not support many Jabber specific plugins such as Groupchat and 
Jabber server administration.

Hope this helps,

Ken Wermann

Steve Ramage <jadminspammedme at sjrx.net> 
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08/03/2005 01:47 AM
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[jadmin] Windows  Jabber Clients

I purposed, and maintained our companies Jabber network. Currently we
are using Psi, however
two big complaints that have come up are basically that the
notifications are lacking, and the
current groupchat which is quiet important, isn't very 'nice'. Its hard
to tell if someone has chatted in it,
cumbersome to join, and there is no way to minimize to the system tray,
which means most people
end up just closing it.  MUC support in Psi has been pushed back again,
and even when it is
released its not clear that these issues will be resolved. Now don't get
me wrong, I like Psi, and don't
mean to flame it, but I sorta want test the water for other clients..
What I'm wondering is, what are
some other good clients out there, that have a really polished
interface. I've looked at Exodus, and
its not really polished. I've also looked at Neos, but its not stable.
Theres a bunch of other ones out
there aswell, to many to check each one. So here we are.

Steve R

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