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KWermann at misti.com KWermann at misti.com
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Pandion does have popups. Your user should be an administrator on your 
server (in the XML). This is a requirement for all Jabber-based servers I 
believe, regardless of the client.

In Pandion go to TOOLS ---> SERVER ADMINISTRATION and fill out the 
BROADCAST MESSAGE box and hit SEND. It will popup on-top of all apps by 
the clock.

Ken Wermann

Systems Administrator
MIS Training Institute

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[jadmin] RE: RE: Windows  Jabber Clients

I have a call center wanting pop-ups on top for arriving chat messages.
They will use one conference room and messages are primarily initiated
from the "tower". I tried Pandion but no pop-ups. I am currently trying
PSI but having a hard time getting it to pop-up on top to notify user to
pick up a line. Anybody done this? TIA.

Gregory W Zill, MBA
Senior Systems Engineer
10842 Farnam Drive Suite 100
Omaha NE 68154-3265
T 402.505.5325
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I'm confused Steve,
Almost everything you commented on I think works in PSI as that is the
client I use and recommend to all my users.

>>>The notifications are lacking
There's Auto-open, Toaster popups, Raise roster, and flashing tray icon
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