[jadmin] Jabberd2-s9 Session Manager Memory Leak

Rafal Zawadzki bluszcz at jabberpl.org
Sun Aug 7 06:10:04 CDT 2005

Dnia niedziela 07 sierpień 2005 05:25, Billy Gray napisał:
> Rafal,
> A nice fellow named "Lemming" posted a patch recently for session
> manager, to lower it's memory consumption.  The patch should be over
> in bugzilla by now.
> If you search back in the archives just a couple of weeks on this
> list, you'll find Lemming's patch and associated discussion.
> Does anybody have a copy of that discussion/patch for Rafal?

Hi, are you talking about this one?


(but this is year ago, not couple of weeks :)

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