[jadmin] Error launching jabberd-2.0s8 under FreeBSD 5.4R

Simon Wilkinson simon at sxw.org.uk
Thu Aug 11 17:46:42 CDT 2005

Kurt Buff wrote:
> Aug 11 14:23:47 kurt-test jabberd/c2s[722]: no such auth module 'mysql'

I think this is probably where your problem lies. It looks like mysql
support isn't enabled in your build.

Given you presumably didn't call configure with --disable-mysql, this is
probably due to configure failing to find the mysql libraries, or header
files, on your system.

If you look in config.log in your build directory, and search through
for 'mysql', you should find the error messages that configure produce
when it was trying to find the mysql stuff.

If your mysql headers, or libraries, are in a non-standard location, you
may find the --with-extra-library-path or --with-extra-include-path
options helpful.



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