[jadmin] Cannot create Conference Room (Group Chat)..

Thomas George tgeorge at iidc.org
Mon Aug 15 19:23:48 CDT 2005

Thanks Peter.. We're up..!!

Q: Do you know of a Jabber Windows client that offers whiteboard support
(like Coccinella)..?



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Thomas George wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a working server that I can access from several workstations 
> with a variety of jabber compliant clients, and we are currently able 
> to do direct, one-on-one chat, but not group chat.
> I have set the admin JID to my JID, but I am unable to create a room; 
> Is there a configuration item I missed, or should I (and others) be 
> able to create conferences with a working Jabber2 server...?

You need an add-on component to do groupchat with jabberd1 and jabberd2 
(some other servers have it built in). For jabberd2 you need 
mu-conference with JCR:



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