[jadmin] [jdev and jadmin] service user login, server conf and gateway charsets

Konstantin Klyagin k at thekonst.net
Wed Aug 17 10:28:14 CDT 2005

Dear Sirs.

I would really appreciate if someone suggests me on how to solve
the following problems.

1. I have a Jabber service. How can I make it login to the server
and operate on behalf of various Jabber server users? I tried
sending iq get jabber:iq:auth stanzas to fetch the login options,
like the regular client do, but didn't receive any answer from my

2. I tried creating new users on my Jabber servers by putting .xml
files for them to the spool directory, but they didn't work until I
restarted the server. However, I need the server to let them in
just after the files are created. Is there any way to make the
server re-read its users database without restarting?

3. I have several IM gateways in my Jabber server. Charsets, to
which the messages are converted, are specified in the
corresponding configuration files. Is there any way to explicitely
specify which charset a message must be converted from utf8 before
sending it to the detination user on icq, aim, msn and such?

I am using jabberd-1.4.3-r5 on Gentoo Linux.

Thanks for yours answers in advance.

konst at http://thekonst.net/

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