[jadmin] Moving a 1.4.x jabberd from Sun to Debian

Will Maier willmaier at ml1.net
Wed Aug 17 15:22:49 CDT 2005


I've read as much of the list archives as I could, but wasn't able to solve my
problem; I apologize if I missed relevant info already on-list.

I'm moving a jabberd from a Sun server for a Debian server. The Sun jabberd
was compiled from a 1.4.3 tarball (I believe -- happened before my time). I
copied the old spools and configuration files from the old server to the new
and modified the config to disallow registration, transports and jud. The old
server was named jabber.my.org but had a declaration in the jabber.xml file
calling the jabberd instance there eg my.org.

The new server should be as similar as possible to the old. It's name (in DNS)
is newjabber.my.org and we'd like my.org 522(2|3) to point to the new jabberd.
We've used SRV records (as per the JAG) to do so.

The new server is running jabberd 1.4.3 from Debian Sarge.

The server instance initializes without problems and can be contacted using
telnet on localhost. I can open streams, but can't send messages as a
already-registered user (nor, obviously, can I register a new user, as in-band
registration is disallowed). The jabberd -D output indicated to me that DNS is
a problem, as I get numerous 'bouncing a routed packet to newjabber...Internal
Delivery error' messages when trying to send data when connected via telnet.

Are there any caveats to using SRV records with jabberd 1.4.x? This is the
most significant difference (IMO) between our previously functional jabberd on
Sun and our new (and non-functional) jabberd on Debian. Do the 'routed packet'
errors suggest anything *other* than a DNS problem? Also, clients (irssi via
bitlbee) can't connect to the server at all and their connection attempts
produce no trace in the debug output when connecting on 5223 (the only port
open to the world; it requires SSL).

Thanks for any help!

Will Maier                           [willmaier at ml1.net/wcmaier at jabber.ccc.de]

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