[jadmin] Jabberd-2.0s9 + Mu-conference 0.6.0 + Winjab 1.1

plug bert plugbert at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 18 02:52:37 CDT 2005


  A good day to you all. i was recently testing the
above setup, and unfortunately ran into some problems
when trying to start/join a conference using Winjab

  While i am able to send/receive invites:

-- the list of users who have joined the conference
not visible;

-- any instant message i type is not displayed on the
main window;

-- i get error messages whenever i type in a message,
ranging from "not implemented" to "Error 404"

  No problems with instant messaging though; i can
send/receive messages/instant messages, detect
presence, etc.

  Thanks in advance!

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