[jadmin] [jdev and jadmin] service user login, server conf and gateway charsets

Etienne LAVANANT Etienne.Lavanant at int-evry.fr
Thu Aug 18 10:02:21 CDT 2005

Selon Daniel Henninger <jadestorm at nc.rr.com>:

> Howdy,
>I tried to
> implement setting this via the registration form and found that the
> registration form only allows specific variables.  Oleg, I'm curious
> to know what client you are using that allows you to even see the
> encoding field.  =)  Psi doesn't show it to me.  Anyway, I had
> planned on implementing it another way . . . perhaps via ad-hoc
> commands.

No need to create ad-hoc commands which are not widely supported by clients yet.
The registration form may allow only specific forms to respect the JEP. However,
it is not forbidden to add an x:data form to the registration form which would
allow to configure per-user encoding.

x:data is supported by much more clients (obviously as x:data is a dependency
for ad-hoc commands) such as psi, Exodus and so on and clients not supporting
x:data would just see the basic registration form without the x:data encoding

If you need an example, the IRC gateway of ejabberd has a x:data form in its
registration form. It allows to set the nick for IRC rooms and encoding per

A simplified XML registration form for PyICQ would look like :
<query xmlns="jabber:iq:register">
  <username />
  <password />
  <nick />
    <field var="encoding">
  <x:data />

I think this is what you need.


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