[jadmin] sm goes crazy on memory

Rafal Zawadzki bluszcz at jabberpl.org
Thu Aug 18 18:45:37 CDT 2005

Dnia środa 17 sierpień 2005 17:09, Lauro, John napisał:
> Hello,
> I've been running jabberd2 fine for a month or two (light load) with
> s8.  Just a hair heavier load after going to s9 (from s8) a couple
> weeks ago, but still never more than a dozen connected users.  3 times
> in the last 3 days the server froze.  The last time I upped the memory
> from 256mb to 512mb, and the box wasn't even up 10 minutes and managed
> to capture a top prior to having to reboot out of frustration of
> trying to put in any commands...  I increased the RAM to 1.5GB, so
> we'll see how that works, but it was working fine with 256mb.  sm has
> already grown to 1.2gb and growing.

Try this patch, it helped me:


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