[jadmin] Jabberd-2.0s9 + Mu-conference 0.6.0 + Winjab 1.1

Paul Curtis pfc at terrapin.com
Thu Aug 18 20:57:42 CDT 2005

plug bert wrote:
> Hello All!
> Just wanted to ask if the above combo is advisable or
> not. While everything else works fine, i'm getting
> some errors when trying to start a conference with
> Winjab 1.1. 

> "error 404"
> "not implemented"
> Is there a workaround to this? Thanks!

Not really .... WinJab is very out-of-date, no longer supported, and 
doesn't handle the newer conferencing XMPP protocol. I'm not surprised 
you're getting errors when attempting to join a conference.

Look for an updated client such as Pandion, PSI, or Exodus on Windows.


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