[jadmin] How to get the full list of active users with jabbe rd2

Felipe fbvsurf at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 13:55:12 CDT 2005

ok. how to tell the server a user is an admin user?
that is a good thing. use the service discovery channell

but as I could see until now jabberd2 does NOT support service discovery.

did I do something wrogn? do I have to enable something?


2005/8/17, Paul Curtis <pfc at terrapin.com>:
> Russ Schnapp wrote:
> > So far as I can tell, there is nothing you can really get from the
> > database that will tell you which users are online.
> The only accurate method of retrieving the current online users is to
> login as a registered <admin> user, and send a discovery request to the
> server to retrieve the "sessions" item list. When I find the code I use,
> I'll post it to the board.
> In the mean time, using a client with full discovery capabilities
> (Exodus & tkabber come to mind) to "disco" the server is an interactive
> method for retrieving the current logged in users.
> Paul
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