[jadmin] Automate adding buddies????

Julian Opificius julianop at barnlea.com
Fri Aug 19 13:59:32 CDT 2005

Christian Motta wrote:
> Hello, I have set up jabber2 for a company with gaim as the client.
> I have been having to add each employee as a buddy on every bodies 
> computer.  This is quite tedious and seems like there has to be a better 
> way.
> Something like when I add a new user they automatically have everybody 
> in the company in their buddy list and the new user is automatically 
> added the the existing users buddy list.
> I have done some googleing but to no avail.
> Any Ideas?

Isn't this what is meant by "shared roster" ?  If so, jabber2 doesn't 
support it, but  Jive does. I'm looking at making the switch myself, 
because the functionality you describe is exactly what I want.


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