[jadmin] Automate adding buddies????

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Sat Aug 20 14:34:22 CDT 2005

Op vrijdag 19 augustus 2005 20:59, schreef Julian Opificius:
> Christian Motta wrote:
> > Hello, I have set up jabber2 for a company with gaim as the client.
> >
> > I have been having to add each employee as a buddy on every bodies
> > computer.  This is quite tedious and seems like there has to be a better
> > way.
> >
> > Something like when I add a new user they automatically have everybody
> > in the company in their buddy list and the new user is automatically
> > added the the existing users buddy list.
> >
> > I have done some googleing but to no avail.
> >
> > Any Ideas?
> Isn't this what is meant by "shared roster" ?

No, I think he just needs to have everyone in everyone's roster. Shared roster 
is with groups (so not everyone).

> If so, jabber2 doesn't 
> support it,

I think there is somewhere a script for jabberd2 that adds everyone in 
everyone's roster (it uses SQL commands AFAIR).

> but  Jive does.

I am not sure if Jive's shared roster functionality supports "all-to-all". 
For ejabberd there is a patch ( http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/pushroster ) for 
this feature (which is default applied in the FreeBSD port of ejabberd). Just 
look at one of the commands that this patch introduces:
"push-alltoall server group            adds all the users to all the users in 
Group". So it seems (I did not tested it) this feature can add all users 
registered on server "server" (ejabberd supports virtual hosts) in each 
user's roster in the group called "group" (and everyone can also have own 
additional contacts).

And maybe the chime server ( http://www.codecobra.com/chime/ ) supports this 
feature too?

> I'm looking at making the switch myself,  
> because the functionality you describe is exactly what I want.

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