[jadmin] Need help settingup jabber

Mohammed Samad naacheez at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 23 01:35:11 CDT 2005


We are currently using Microsoft IM that comes with MS
Exchange Server 2000, for our user community of about
200 employees. Currently we are exploring alternatives
to the same with the following architecture:

- We want to have 2 IM servers across the enterprise
one at our Hyderabad, India office and the other at
our Edison, New Jersey, USA office.
- We want to keep users local to these servers but at
the same time need to have a capability of users on
both servers to chat with each other.

We are looking at reducing the WAN traffic by NOT
having a single chat server across the enterprise.

Does Jabber has the capability to suit my requirement?
if yes, how do you suggest me to move forward on this?
Which server and client i should choose and what
platform i should select?


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