[jadmin] Need help settingup jabber

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Tue Aug 23 02:01:41 CDT 2005


> - We want to keep users local to these servers but at the 
> same time need to have a capability of users on both servers 
> to chat with each other.
> We are looking at reducing the WAN traffic by NOT having a 
> single chat server across the enterprise.
> Does Jabber has the capability to suit my requirement?

Yep, any Jabber/XMPP server that supports server-to-server (s2s) will do
this. That would include almost all of the servers listed at

> if yes, how do you suggest me to move forward on this?
> Which server and client i should choose and what platform i 
> should select?

I'm assuming that you're looking for a Windows solution to make an easy
transition from your current deployment? If so, SoapBox from Coversant
(http://www.coversant.net) has the tightest Windows integration that I
know of and they have a free client to use with their server. If you're
looking for Open Source, I'd suggest Jive Messenger
(http://www.jivesoftware.org/messenger). Of course, I'm biased as one of
the Jive Messenger developers. :)


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