[jadmin] IM clients that work with mu-conference

sebastien.vinot at logisphere.fr sebastien.vinot at logisphere.fr
Tue Aug 23 02:29:38 CDT 2005


Also tested :

   - Psi (under Windows)
   - Neos (Windows)
   - Exodus (it works on my server)
   - Jeti (as applet, also available as standalone)
   - Pandion (Well it's a long time them if someone can confirm ;)  )


Le 23/8/2005, "Etienne LAVANANT" <Etienne.Lavanant at int-evry.fr> a écrit:

>Selon plug bert <plugbert at yahoo.com>:
>> Hello All!
>> Can anyone give me a list? i've set up Mu-Conference
>> 0.6.0 with Jabberd-2.0s9, and so far exodus(
>> is the only client that doesn't have any quirks with
>> conferencing. Thanks!
>For full MUC support, you may try:
>- Gajim
>- Gush
>- JWChat
>- probably others but which one...
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