[jadmin] Re: Compile problem with latest CVS

Stephen Marquard scm at marquard.net
Wed Aug 24 11:46:01 CDT 2005

Lauro, John wrote:
> I've been having significant problems with S9  (dies every few days),
> and not wanting to go back to S8 because of security holes, I decided
> to give the latest CVS for jabberd2 a try...  (looks like it has some
> fixes post s9...)
> Had to up2date cyrus-sasl-devel  (Redhat AS 3) to get past first set
> of errors.  Now I am stuck at:

You should the v2_0 branch of cvs:

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous:@cvs.jabberstudio.org:/home/cvs co -r v2_0 jabberd2

but not right now as it's halfway through a change (bugzilla#100). Rather work 
from 2.0s9 and apply these two changes which are the bugfixes since then:


However, you should also report details of your problems with s9 to 
http://j2.openaether.org/bugzilla/ in case it's something else.


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