[jadmin] Re: Problems with PGSQL auth

Wilfredo I. Pachon Lopez wilfred_com at cun.edu.co
Thu Aug 25 18:18:32 CDT 2005

> If it's a reversible crypt function, then you can decrypt it for jabber. If it's
> a one-way hash algorithm, then what you probably want to do is only enable PLAIN
> authentication, set up pipe authentication (see tools/pipe-auth.pl for an
> example), implement CHECK-PASSWORD, crypt the password passed to the pipe auth
> script by jabber, and compare that to what's in the database.

OK, i understand but if i modify pipe-auth.pl where i need to place this and
how to communicate with jabeer c2s?
What i need to modify?

Sorry for this idiot questions but i'm a newbie in Jabber administration and i
can't find sufficient info to do without your help.



Wilfredo I. Pachón López
Coordinador Desarrollo de Software y Asesor en Software Libre
Dirección Nacional de Sistemas

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