[jadmin] Google Talk federation policy proposal

Florian Jensen admin at flosoft.biz
Fri Aug 26 06:12:27 CDT 2005

Well me neither. And it isn't even sure that it is because of spam. But the 
general idea of Google Talk Policy isn't stupid.
And if Google opens its network to the rest there would be way more people 
using Jabber.
The great thing would be that you would have a white list. With Certified 
Servers. Google Users would only be able to connect to those.
Requirements should be that the Server has an Uptime of 99,0% minimum.
For the auto registration issue: It would be dumb to disable Auto 
Registration! How would users then use Jabber if the registration is 


Florian Jensen

On Friday 26 August 2005 12:54, Wijnand Wiersma wrote:
> 2005/8/26, Florian Jensen <admin at flosoft.biz>:
> > Well ok. The objective is that Google opens their servers to the Jabber
> > Network but in a secure way. Right?
> That is what I read too. But I don't like the idea of disabling auto
> registration :-(
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