[jadmin] realm question (?)

Απόστολος Καρακούσης ktolis at ccf.auth.gr
Fri Aug 26 08:31:36 CDT 2005

Hi to the list,

this is my first post so please be gentle :)

I don't know if this is the correct list to post this question, so if 
it isn't please forward me to the correct one.

I have set up a jabber server (jabberd2) on a gentoo box. Users can 
login and chat without problems. The backend authenticates via openldap 
with tls enabled and the storage is on a mysql db. Users can login only 
via ssl. All is fine so far.

At the c2s.xml I configured the id to be myhost.mydomain.gr and this is 
also the default realm as noted at the documentation. All users can 
login using their <username>@test.ccf.auth.gr

The institution I am working at has multiple domains. I need now to 
enable everyone to authenticate using as their JID their original 
e-mail and not this hosts' name. So for example I need to login as : 
ktolis at ccf.auth.gr although the host name is still test.ccf.auth.gr. I 
am using Gush so I request it to not autodetect the server name via the 
JID. Although it tries to login it disconnects. Switching on the debug 
mode does not show even my username and this confused me a bit since if 
it a routing problem at least it would show (or so I think) the userid 
that requests the login. But maybe I am llooking in the wrong place.

I suppose the problem is in the setup of the c2s.xml file.

This is the excerpt from the c2s.xml file I that I think is relevant:

	<id realm='ccf.auth.gr'>test.ccf.auth.gr</id>
	<basedn realm='test.ccf.auth.gr'>o=auth,c=gr</basedn>
	<basedn realm='ccf.auth.gr'>o=auth,c=gr</basedn>

Shouldn't this be enough?

as far as I understand it the <id realm> tag creates an alias. The 
value of it is the actual location of the server that it will have to 
relay the user from this realm. At the ldap section we have to attach 
the realm we want to authenticate to the correct basedn. I know I am 
missing something but I can't understand what.

Can someone be of assistance in this matter?

Apostolos Karakoussis
ktolis at ccf.auth.gr

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