[jadmin] Google Talk federation policy proposal

Florian Jensen admin at flosoft.biz
Fri Aug 26 10:03:11 CDT 2005

Thx. But Paul is right! It is not our Goal to say what Google has to do, we 
only can give advice and if we cooperate with them closely we can beat MSN 
etc.! But for that we need google!

Florian Jensen

On Friday 26 August 2005 16:55, Trejkaz wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Aug 2005 22:00, Etienne LAVANANT wrote:
> > Selon Florian Jensen <admin at flosoft.biz>:
> > > If you want that image verification all clients should support that
> > > too. It is
> > > impossible to do something like that.
> >
> > Should it be a requirement that you can register from your client ? It is
> > not the case for e-mail and not either for most IM services in use today.
> Exactly.  People seem to be under this mis-conception that a server has to
> support in-band registration to be a Jabber server.
> There are already public Jabber servers, even on the public server _list_,
> which have in-band registration turned off for reasons of spam protection.
> TX


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