[jadmin] Google Talk federation policy proposal

Fabio Forno fabio.forno at polito.it
Fri Aug 26 10:48:46 CDT 2005

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> Definitely. But the JSF could play a coordinating function. Or that
> might not be necessary if we define the system in a truly distributed
> fashion. I'd prefer that anyway. :-)

No to re-inventing the wheel a NNTP like mechanism should work. Each
server periodically inquiries other known server for blacklist updates
and it receives a feed that it can propagate to other servers.
As NNTP those feeds can be granted only if there is an agreement between
admins in order to control server load.
In practice this is very similar to the propagation of the posts of a
newsgroup. It works for the high loads on NNTP, so it should work also
for us.

Of course not everybody can update the black list, but few trusted
organizations (sheriffs ;)) that sign updates with their certificates.
The only role of JSF should be appointing the sheriffs and controlling
their work.

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