[jadmin] Re: Google Talk federation policy proposal

Florian Jensen admin at flosoft.biz
Fri Aug 26 11:23:50 CDT 2005

Well, same with eMail. But Blacklist don't bring alot. I am sure Fabio the 
moment you put up a Blacklist network you will be able to override it will 
come out. Best example: DynDNS. Just change your domain! It is free! Ok ... 
maybe IP blocking? No, most hackers don't have a static IP and just reset 
their Router / Modem. Not to mention Proxies. There are million ways to 
override blacklists.
The great thing about Jabber is that there is NO real supervising power. 
Everyone is free to do what he wants! If Google uses such a standard they 
will make sure that something like this will not happen on their Servers. 
Even internally!
They will surely already have a protection in development. And maybe they will 
make it publically available soon. 
Google can't permit themselves to bring an unsecure System on the market! They 
have too much to use and developping such an extension doesn't cost much for 


Florian Jensen

On Friday 26 August 2005 18:08, Jesper Krogh wrote:
> I gmane.network.jabber.admin, skrev Florian Jensen:
> >  Isn't this all getting to complex? I mean Jabber used to be a free
> >  Platform.
> An it certainly should continue to be that.
> >  And anyway. It is not our Problem if Google Talk gets Spammed. The
> > Jabber=20 Network is running since 6 years without any of these problems.
> > So now a big Company joins in and we have to change everything? Probably
> > their Servers are equiped with something to protect them from that.
> >  Google never said that Spam would be the reason why they didn't open S2S
> >  connections. Maybe it is just because they haven't finished their
> > component yet.
> >  So just wait until Google makes the first move.
> This is a problem that probably should be dealt with anyway.. If Google
> or <insert any other xmpp-network here> opens for S2S communication,
> there is currently no way to ensure that a spammer won't inject spam
> into the system by setting up their own server. The bigger the complete
> network is .. the more likely.
> Completely avoid spam is probably not reachable but it is definately an
> issue to consider.
> Jesper


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