[jadmin] Load testing

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Fri Aug 26 12:30:36 CDT 2005

Op donderdag 25 augustus 2005 23:57, schreef Leonard, Eddie:
> Hello everyone.  I'm trying to do some load/performance testing on my
> Jabberd2.0s9 servers and have not had a lot of luck.  I have found three
> different references to things used:
> http://tsunami.idealx.org/index.en.html
> <http://tsunami.idealx.org/index.en.html>

Tsuname can record Jabber trafic to test a Jabber server. I don't know how to 
do it as I don't tested it myself, but I see they have a user manual...

> http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/benchmark <http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/benchmark>

Just, follow the instructions of this tutorial. It should work. Otherwise 
report the problem in a comment to that tutorial, here, or on some other 


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