[jadmin] Logged in user

Samuel Penn sam at glendale.org.uk
Fri Aug 26 12:33:42 CDT 2005

On Friday 26 August 2005 18:15, Sander Devrieze wrote:
> Op donderdag 25 augustus 2005 23:41, schreef Samuel Penn:
> > I've got a user that is marked as being online even though no
> > client exists for that user. Is there a way on the server of
> > forcing that user to logout?
> What Jabber server are you talking about? This is an important piece of
> information if you want people be able to answer your question at all.

Oops - jabberd 2, running on OpenBSD connected to MySQL.

I forget that this was a general Jabber admin list rather than one
specific to the Jabberd server. Sorry :-(

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