[jadmin] Re: Logged in user

Stephen Marquard scm at marquard.net
Fri Aug 26 14:31:55 CDT 2005

Samuel Penn wrote:
> On Friday 26 August 2005 19:10, b h wrote:
>>still, you didn't give much detail about your server
> Well, I wasn't looking for a bug fix, but a feature, and
> I didn't expect it to be something that changes between
> minor revisions.
> Since the original phrasing has obviously caused confusion, I'll
> try and be clearer:
> First, the background:
> I have a Jabber2 server (jabberd-2.0s2) running on OpenBSD 3.6,

That's such an old version that all bets are off. The behaviour you describe is 
a known bug fixed around s3 or s4 I think. Update to 2.0s9, or if you're 
building from source you can use the latest 2.0 cvs snapshot, 

> which is using MySQL as a backend. I'm running some tests with
> sendxmpp to send out automated messages, but my GUI Jabber clients
> (Kopete and Gaim) aren't updating the state of these automated
> users as I'd expect[1], so I'd like to see what the server thinks
> is happening without using XMPP.
> The question is:
> Is there a way to query the server directly for what it thinks the
> state (logged on/off) of all users currently is (either through SQL,
> or some command line tool), 

Through XMPP, yes. As a user with appropriate rights defined in sm.xml, you can 
get a list of active sessions from the server. Some clients make this easy to 
do, e.g. in Pandion, Tools | Server Administration | View all online users.

> and is it possible to modify this
> state in the same way (i.e., force a user to be offline)?

There's no way to terminate a user session administratively. But what you're 
seeing is probably a missed unavailable presence update from a client 
disconnection somewhere along the line, which later versions will fix.


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