[jadmin] Re: sm die

Rodrigo Jose Tuval Olmedo Vera rodrigo at redetelmexico.com
Mon Aug 29 01:00:59 CDT 2005

Thank you very much for you help Stephen !!
I remember that I installed the mysql client and after that mysql server,
maybe that is the problem ...
What can i do ?? remove mysql ?? and install it again ??

Thanks !!!


> Rodrigo Jose Tuval Olmedo Vera wrote:
>> I'm sorry,
>> I have Jabber 2.0 with MySQL 4.1 and RedHat Enterprise 3.0
>> I have 3 users in my databse, but no one can login.
>> TIA.
> This is sort of a FAQ which seems to affect particularly RedHat systems.
> If you  have more than one version of the mysql client installed and you
> build jabberd2  with a set of mysql client headers that don't match the
> installed client  libraries, then sm dies when you try to read from the
> database (i.e. when sm is  creating a user session).
> The solution is to check that you only have one version of the mysql
> client  installed, and the header and library files are consistent (same
> version).
> Cheers
> Stephen
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